111. In the context of coping with stress, emotion-focused coping

Question : 111. In the context of coping with stress, emotion-focused coping : 1411830


111. In the context of coping with stress, emotion-focused coping will be most beneficial when:

A. a person’s car breaks down.

B. a person loses someone close.

C. a person has a difficult test the next day.

D. a person catches the flu.

112. Max’s best friend died in an accident. In the context of coping with stress, which of the following stress coping methods would be most beneficial to Max to react to the news?

A. Task-focused

B. Problem-focused

C. Emotion-focused

D. Intelligence-focused

113. In which of the following situations will emotion-focused coping be most beneficial?

A. After failing a psychology test

B. After your car breaks down

C. After your dog dies

D. After you forget to turn in your homework

114. Diane, a recently divorced teacher, has trouble meeting potential partners. She decides to try an online dating service. Diane has engaged in _____ coping of stress.

A. problem-focused

B. emotion-focused

C. intuition-focused

D. cognition-focused

115. If an individual responds to the stress rather than confronting his or her problem, the individual engages in _____ coping.

A. problem-focused

B. emotion-focused

C. risk-focused

D. intuition-focused

116. Which of the following is LEAST associated with successful coping of stress?

A. Educational level

B. Sense of personal control

C. Healthy immune system

D. Positive emotions

117. Mark is excited about the big presentation he is going to give to the board of directors of his company. Although he stayed up most of the previous night perfecting the presentation, he feels energized and ready to go. Mark is exhibiting:

A. relapse.

B. persistence.

C. transcendence.

D. hardiness.

118. Which of the following statements is true of individuals who exhibit hardiness?

A. They have a sense of commitment.

B. They see problems as threats.

C. They feel powerless.

D. They feel alienated.

119. Gina, a wedding planner, has been planning a wedding for almost a month. Three days before the wedding, the caterer informs her that they won’t be able to cater to the wedding party due to a severe shortage of chefs. Gina looks at this situation as a challenge. She asks her assistant to call up other caterers to check if they are available, while she carries on with the other wedding preparations. Which of the following characteristics is Gina exhibiting in this scenario?

A. Social sharing

B. Hardiness

C. Arrogance

D. Transcendence

120. Which of the following statements about optimism and coping is FALSE?

A. Optimists avoid paying attention to news that is negative.

B. Optimists face life’s challenges from a position of strength.

C. Optimists prefer to know their risk for disease.

D. Optimists engage constructively with potentially threatening information.



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