111. Heather reported a boost in energy and a sense

Question : 111. Heather reported a boost in energy and a sense : 1411893


111. Heather reported a boost in energy and a sense of well-being after taking a drug.

Medical tests revealed increased activity of her central nervous system. The drug she took is most likely a:

A. depressant.

B. tranquilizer.

C. hallucinogen.

D. stimulant.

112. Caffeine, nicotine, amphetamines, and cocaine are:

A. hallucinogens.

B. depressants.

C. stimulants.

D. narcotics.

113. Which of the following statements is true of caffeine?

A. It is a depressant drug.

B. It decreases central nervous system activity.

C. It is derived from natural components of plants.

D. It is a main psychoactive ingredient of smokeless tobacco.

114. Meredith always has a cup of coffee as soon as she wakes up. She usually has several more cups throughout the day. If she misses one in the afternoon, she gets a headache. Meredith’s headache is likely due to:

A. depressant addiction.

B. stimulant use/abuse.

C. the placebo effect.

D. lower levels of acetylcholine.

115. Kate, a regular coffee drinker, complains of headaches and depressed mood when she skips her coffee in the morning. What is the likely cause of these complaints?

A. Caffeine withdrawal

B. Increased blood pressure

C. Depressant addiction

D. A placebo effect

116. Bethany is experiencing headaches, lethargy, and difficulty concentrating at work. Which of the following drugs is she most likely to have stopped using?

A. Alcohol

B. Caffeine

C. Marijuana

D. Ambien

117. _____ is the main psychoactive ingredient in all forms of smoking and smokeless tobacco.

A. Nicotine

B. Caffeine

C. Amphetamine

D. Opium

118. Which of the following is NOT associated with the use of nicotine?

A. Alertness

B. Reduction in anger

C. Tardive dyskinesia

D. Reduction in anxiety

119. _____ are stimulant drugs that people use to boost energy, stay awake, or lose weight.

A. Opiates

B. Tranquilizers

C. Barbiturates

D. Amphetamines

120. Brett takes a drug that decreased his feeling of fatigue, created an elevated mood, and decreased his appetite. Which of the following drugs did he most likely take?

A. Amphetamine

B. Alcohol

C. Heroin

D. Valium



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