111) Decoding the process by which a sender puts his

Question : 111) Decoding the process by which a sender puts his : 1408444


111) Decoding is the process by which a sender puts his or her thoughts into a symbolic form.

112) Good marketing communications can speed the demise of a poor product.

113) Rational appeals are often used to urge people to support social causes, such as a cleaner environment or helping the disadvantaged.

114) The "Stop. Think. Tylenol." ad slogan is an example of a moral appeal.

115) All personal communication channels are controlled directly by the company.

116) Advertisements for prescription drugs often feature potential benefits and negative side effects that consumers may experience with use of the medication. These ads present two-sided arguments.

117) Buzz marketing involves cultivating opinion leaders and getting them to spread information about a product or service to others in their communities.

118) The affordable method of setting advertising budgets takes into consideration the effects of promotion on sales.

119) The percentage-of-sales method wrongly views sales as the cause of promotion rather than as the result.

120) The percentage-of-sales budget is based on the availability of funds rather than on opportunities.



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