111. Associated with William James, the _____ perspective focused what the

Question : 111. Associated with William James, the _____ perspective focused what the : 1385847


111. Associated with William James, the _____ perspective focused on what the mind does.

112. The psychodynamic perspective originated in the work of _____, an Austrian physician.

113. The _____ perspective was championed by B. F. Skinner.

114. The _____ perspective focuses on how people think, understand, and know about the world.

115. According to the cognitive perspective, thinking is similar to _____ by a computer.

116. Many psychologists who adhere to the cognitive perspective compare human thinking to the workings of a(n) _____.

117. Wanda is a humanistic psychologist who believes that behavior reflects an individual's own choices; that is, she endorses the notion of _____.

118. The humanistic perspective is explicit in its rejection of _____, the notion that behavior is caused by factors outside the individual's control.

119. _____ psychologists adopting a psychodynamic perspective argue that psychological disorders are brought about by unconscious factors.

120. While neuroscientists tend to seek universal principles of behavior, humanistic psychologists are more interested in _____.


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