111. As Kyle conducts his annual evaluations of his employees,

Question : 111. As Kyle conducts his annual evaluations of his employees,


111. As Kyle conducts his annual evaluations of his employees, he notices that Connie and Debbie have both been less productive since they were relocated in the same department. Kyle is in what stage of the managerial decision- making process?

a. Generating alternatives b. Conducting evaluations c. Selecting an alternative

d. Identifying the problem or opportunity

e. Implementing and evaluating the solution

112. When looking at the company's sales figures, Martha sees that her salespeople have not achieved high sales in

Japan. She is at what stage in the managerial decision-making process?

a. Evaluating the problem b. Generating a problem c. Selecting a solution

d. Identifying the problem

e. Implementing the problem

113. A positive problem may be viewed as a(n)

a. discrepancy. b. alternative.

c. opportunity. d. symptom.

e. unimportant matter.

114. Once a manager has identified a problem, he or she can generate alternatives to that problem. After this is done, the manager

a. implements the solution.

b. evaluates the decision he or she made.

c. weighs the pros and cons of each alternative. d. determines the best alternative.

e. implements each solution and determines which had the best results.

115. Frank Roberts recently has been named to head a major manufacturing plant at Dow Chemical. The plant has had significant increases in inventory and declines in net income over the past two years. Frank's task is to eliminate the excess inventory and return the plant to its previous level of profitability. To begin solving this problem, Frank invites suggestions from line workers, gathers managers from various levels of the plant to brainstorm, and talks with experts in the field of operations management. This step in the managerial decision-making process is known as

a. identifying the problem. b. generating alternatives. c. selecting an alternative. d. implementing a solution.

e. performance measurement.

116. When Robert Keening became the president of Snow Bird Airlines, he began meeting with groups of employees to get their opinions on how to turn around the airline's declining sales. This part of the decision-making process is an example of

a. Keening's leadership style. b. trying to reach consensus. c. identifying the problem.

d. generating alternatives. e. selecting an alternative.

117. Alex notices that sales of the company's best products are declining. He gathers together his sales staff to generate solutions to the decline in sales. He encourages all the participants to generate as many new ideas as possible and forbids anyone from criticizing or ridiculing the ideas of others. Alex is using

a. Blast! Then Refine. b. trial and error.

c. generation. d. group think.

e. brainstorming.

118. Managers should avoid satisficing in the     stage of the managerial decision-making process. a. selecting an alternative

b. identifying the problem or opportunity

c. implementing and evaluating the solution d. satisfying the customer

e. generating alternatives

119. The techniques of brainstorming and "Blast! Then Refine" would be helpful to use during which step in the managerial decision-making process?

a. Generating alternatives

b. Implementing the solution c. Evaluating the outcome

d. Selecting an alternative

e. Identifying the problem or opportunity

120. Implementing a decision requires time, planning, and a. optimization.

b. a combination of alternatives. c. maximization.

d. brainstorming.

e. preparation of personnel.



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