111. A Marxist analysis of U.S. culture suggests that our

Question : 111. A Marxist analysis of U.S. culture suggests that our : 1735752


111. A Marxist analysis of U.S. culture suggests that our competitive and individualistic values reflect

a. the values of the “founding fathers.”

b. trends in Western European history.

c. this nation’s capitalist economy.

d. this nation’s family system.

112. The theoretical approach that highlights the link between culture and social inequality is the

a. structural-functional approach.

b. social-conflict approach.

c. symbolic-interaction approach.

d. sociobiology approach.

113. A feminist theoretical analysis of language in the U.S. suggests that cultural patterns support

a. gender inequality.

b. gender equality.

c. a capitalist economy.

d. the family system.

114. Which theoretical approach gives an evolutionary explanation of why the sexual “double standard” is found around the world?

a. the structural-functional approach

b. the social-conflict approach

c. the symbolic-interaction approach

d. the sociobiology approach

115. Culture acts as a constraint, limiting human freedom because

a. much culture is habit, which members of a society repeat again and again.

b. humans cannot create new culture for themselves.

c. culture always discourages change.

d. culture forces us to make choices.

116. Culture is a source of human freedom because

a. culture does not guide behavior.

b. all culture changes very quickly.

c. as cultural creatures, humans make and remake the world for themselves.

d. culture is habitual.


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