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Question : 11. Within the data center, the data control group responsible

11. Within the data center, the data control group is responsible for routing all work into and out of the data center, correcting errors, and monitoring error correction.

12. The systems development function provides efficient and effective operation of the computer equipment.

13. Within the data center, the data librarian function grants access to programs, data, and documentation.

14. Combining the functions of authorizing and executing events is a violation of the organizational control plan known as segregation of duties.

15. Segregation of duties consists of separating the four functions of authorizing events, executing events, recording events, and safeguarding the resources resulting from consummating the events.

16. Embezzlement is a fraud committed by two or more individuals or departments.

17. A small organization that does not have enough personnel to adequately segregate duties must rely on alternative controls, commonly called resource controls.

18. The functions of the security officer commonly include assigning passwords and working with human resources to ensure proper interview practices are conducted during the hiring process.

19. Individual departments coordinate the organizational and IT strategic planning processes and reviews and approves the strategic IT plan.

20. The policy of requiring an employee to alternate jobs periodically is known as forced vacations.

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