11. Which of the following not an aspect of texture? a)

Question : 11. Which of the following not an aspect of texture? a)

11. Which of the following is not an aspect of texture?

a) tactility

b) surface quality

c) content

d) impasto

12. In what way can a large-scale work be considered a “temporal” art form?

a) It takes time to make it.

b) The spectator moves through time and space to view it.

c) It endures time.

d) It is not temporal.

13. Alexander Calder’s “mobiles,” like Untitled, move when air currents move through them, making them

a) patterned

b) abstract

c) kinetic

d) optical illusions

14. Thick paint applied to a canvas, like on Robert Ryman’s Long, creates actual texture known as

a) glazing

b) impasto

c) pattern

d) frottage

15. The Kente cloths of the Asante and Ewe societies of Ghana provide a perfect example of which art element?

a) time and motion

b) visual texture

c) pattern

d) atmospheric perspective

16. Which is the most obvious difference between Bernini and Michelangelo’s David?

a) Michelangelo’s is a much better piece of art.

b) Bernini’s David is caught in the midst of action.

c) They are carved from different materials.

d) Michelangelo’s has much more action.

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