11) Which of the following areas of Australia/Oceania has NOT

Question : 11) Which of the following areas of Australia/Oceania has NOT : 2039786

11) Which of the following areas of Australia/Oceania has NOT been affected by mining?

A) Australia

B) Hawaii

C) Papua New Guinea

D) New Caledonia

E) Nauru

12) What is the greatest potential environmental threat to Oceania?

A) desertification

B) coastal pollution

C) grassification

D) climate change

E) smog

13) The accidental introduction of which exotic pest caused the extinction of the moa in New Zealand?

A) rabbit

B) camel

C) cat

D) horse

E) rat

14) What is the only mammal native to Australia/Oceania?

A) horses

B) bats

C) pigs

D) rabbits

E) rats

15) Viticulture refers to the growing of what crop?

A) apples

B) tomatoes

C) cut flowers

D) grapes

E) kiwi fruit

16) What land form dominates much of New Zealand?

A) volcanic mountains

B) wide plains

C) lush tropical rainforest

D) eroded sedimentary formations

E) deserts

17) High islands

A) typically grow higher once the source of magma is exhausted.

B) are rarely fringed by coral reefs.

C) usually result from the collision of two tectonic plates.

D) are present throughout much of Oceania.

E) have no relationship to volcanoes.

18) An atoll typically has all of the following characteristics, EXCEPT

A) a high central peak.

B) a fringing coral reef.

C) sand formed from coral.

D) an oval or circular shape.

E) a lagoon in its center.

19) What causes a tsunami?

A) an earthquake

B) a volcano

C) a monsoon

D) climate change

E) orographic precipitation

20) What landform and/or vegetation pattern dominates in Australia?

A) deserts

B) mountains

C) plains

D) forests

E) wetlands

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