11) Which of the following among the five actions Professor

Question : 11) Which of the following among the five actions Professor : 1940432

11) Which of the following are among the five actions Professor Melvin Sharpe indicates can "harmonize" relations between individuals and organizations?

A) measured remarks that foster credibility

B) environmental research and evaluation that help determine actions or adjustments

C) continuous one-way communication

D) credible actions favoring only the organization  

12) Professional practitioners who understand the management "interpreter" perspective of public relations

A) recognize the value of insights from Leon Hess on this perspective.

B) recognize that management takes precedence over public attitudes and beliefs.

C) recognize the need to be able to create management policy.

D) recognize the importance of communicating organizational policy accurately and candidly.

13) GM's handling of charges by Ralph Nader that their Corvair was "unsafe at any speed" is an example of corporate public relations professionals failure to

A) interpret and convey to management what the public really thinks.

B) interpret and convey to the public why management feels the way is does.

C) interpret how corporate influence can change public opinion.

D) interpret how public influence can be ignored if it is in the best interest of shareowners.

14) Savvy individuals and institutions must recognize the importance

A) of appropriate use of modern technology in communicating with one another.

B) of recognizing the role each plays in modern society.

C) of effectively interpreting the institution’s philosophies, policies, practices, and views to the public.

D) of hiring professional communicators to act as mouthpieces.

15) John Galliano, creative director of the Dior fashion house, was fired because

A) he revealed Dior’s history serving the wives of Nazi officers

B) he was not as talented as he used to be

C) his talent was less important than the credibility and reputation of the House of Dior

D) he got into a fight with someone who made anti-Semitic remarks

16) To effectively communicate with a public, it is important to recognize that

A) all publics have the same needs.

B) all publics are most interested in the technology you use.

C) all publics have their own special needs and require different types of communication.

D) all publics have overlapping organizational needs.

17) Which of the following has increased the interdependence between people and organizations and the concern in organizations for managing extensive webs of interrelationships?

A) organizational changes

B) technology changes

C) priority changes

D) subordinate changes

18) For a group of people to become a public, which of the following does NOT occur?

A) confront a similar indeterminate situation

B) recognize what is problematic and indeterminate in a situation

C) decide to organize to confront a problem

D) seek outside counsel on whether to unite

19) Publics that are classified as internal publics include

A) stockholders and the board of directors

B) customers and suppliers

C) legislators and the general public

D) senior citizens and homosexuals

20) Public relations consultants for politicians should point out the importance of the uncommitted public because

A) that public rarely decides to vote.

B) that public can swing a vote.

C) that public is the most difficult to persuade.

D) that public needs to have their beliefs reinforced.

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