11) What agricultural system sometimes referred to as "slash and

Question : 11) What agricultural system sometimes referred to as "slash and : 2039768

11) What agricultural system is sometimes referred to as "slash and burn"?

A) swidden

B) commercial agriculture

C) plantation agriculture

D) rice cultivation

E) intensive subsistence

12) What is another name for the term "swidden"?

A) marine fishing

B) plantation agriculture

C) livestock herding

D) aquaculture

E) shifting cultivation

13) Swidden agriculture

A) has benefited significantly from logging operations.

B) is most common on coastal plains.

C) works best in regions of medium to high population density.

D) usually relies on monocrop production.

E) depletes soil nutrients within a few years.

14) Plantation agriculture in Southeast Asia

A) focused primarily on rice in the early part of the twentieth century.

B) now often focuses on specialty crops like rice or rubber.

C) has been growing in importance in recent decades.

D) is no longer practiced to any significant extent in Malaysia.

E) remains as it was 100 years ago.

15) On mainland Southeast Asia, what is the most common crop in the lowlands?

A) rubber

B) coconuts

C) rice

D) sugarcane

E) opium poppies

16) Under what conditions is swidden cultivation sustainable?

A) when the government intervenes to control land use

B) when private entities purchase land for development

C) when population densities remain relatively low and stable, and where practitioners of swidden control an adequate amount of land

D) when there is a large number of people to do the hard, manual labor associated with swidden

E) when long-term weather patterns provide adequate moisture and warmth

17) What makes the physical environment of Southeast Asia distinctive?

A) dominance of large, flat plains throughout the region

B) It contains the world's tallest mountains.

C) It is known for its rugged terrain and many islands.

D) It includes vast deserts.

E) Volcanic activity is common, with more than a dozen active volcanoes.

18) What formed the volcanic arc of Sumatra, Java, and the Lesser Sunda Islands?

A) the divergence of the Indo-Australian Plate from the Eurasian Plate

B) a hot spot located directly beneath the island chain

C) the convergence of the Indo-Australian Plate and the Eurasian Plate

D) the successive folding of several layers of strata beneath the Indian Ocean

E) a series of unrelated volcanic eruptions

19) Of what material is the Khorat Plateau composed?

A) granite

B) limestone

C) volcanic soil

D) sandstone

E) coral

20) The Khorat Plateau of Southeast Asia

A) possesses some of the richest agricultural land in the world.

B) is the broad plain that forms the upland region of the island of Borneo.

C) is the eroded landscape that forms the islands of the Philippines.

D) contains poor soils and is home to many impoverished people.

E) receives ample moisture.

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