11) Today's consumers do not need to rely marketer-supplied information

Question : 11) Today's consumers do not need to rely marketer-supplied information : 1408434


11) Today's consumers do not need to rely on marketer-supplied information about products and services because they can use ________ to seek out a wealth of information.

A) push strategies

B) direct marketing

C) the Internet

D) personal selling

E) public relations

12) Which of the following statements is true regarding today's marketing communications?

A) More marketers are shifting away from narrowly defined micromarkets and moving toward mass marketing.

B) More customers have started relying on marketer-supplied information rather than finding out information on their own.

C) Network television, magazines, newspapers, and other traditional mass media continue to increase their dominance.

D) Focused marketing programs which are designed to build closer relationships with customers in more narrowly defined micromarkets are no longer used by marketers.

E) Today's consumers are better informed about products and services.

13) Shifting away from mass marketing, marketers are developing ________ which are designed to build closer relationships with customers in more narrowly defined micromarkets.

A) focused marketing programs

B) horizontal diversification programs

C) backward integration strategies

D) new pull strategies

E) new push strategies

14) Which of the following is a specialized and highly targeted media that an advertiser might use to reach smaller customer segments?

A) radio

B) magazines

C) newspapers

D) network television

E) online social networks

15) Companies are doing less ________ and more ________ as a result of the explosive developments in communication technologies to better target smaller customer segments.

A) personal selling; CSR activities

B) public relations activities; CSR activities

C) CSR activities; mass marketing

D) broadcasting; narrowcasting

E) viral marketing; word-of-mouth marketing

16) Which of the following statements is true regarding the old mass-media communications model?

A) Mass-media costs are decreasing.

B) Mass-media audiences are increasing.

C) Many viewers are gaining control of message exposure through DVRs.

D) Ad clutter is decreasing.

E) Internet ad spending has stagnated and more marketers are shifting toward TV advertising.

17) Companies often fail to integrate their various communications to consumers because ________.

A) historically, consumers have been able to distinguish between message sources

B) advertising departments are reluctant to work with public relations professionals

C) communications often come from different parts of the company

D) personal selling and sales promotion are in direct conflict

E) firms have overemphasized the concept of brand contact

18) Consumers today receive commercial messages from a broad range of sources. However, consumers ________ the way marketers do.

A) don't distinguish between message sources

B) never pay attention to sales promotions

C) don't care about buzz marketing

D) are not able to block out messages

E) block out all media messages

19) Today several companies are adopting the concept of ________, which carefully combines and coordinates the company's many communication channels to deliver a clear, consistent, and compelling message about the organization and its brands.

A) integrated marketing communications

B) pull strategy

C) vertical diversification

D) nonpersonal communication channels

E) buzz marketing

20) Integrated marketing communications require a company's mass-market advertisements, Web site, e-mail, and personal selling communications to all have ________.

A) equal portions of the advertising budget

B) independent communications directors

C) separate marketing objectives

D) the same target audience

E) the same message, look, and feel



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