11) The primary purpose of an ERP system to enable

Question : 11) The primary purpose of an ERP system to enable : 1869665

11) The primary purpose of an ERP system is to enable a gradual move to an EAI system.

12) Businesses used information systems to support their processes well before the Internet was invented.

13) In the 1970s, manufacturing companies used a software called material requirements planning to efficiently manage inventory, production, and labor.

14) Material requirements planning provided financial-tracking capabilities and the opportunity to schedule equipment and facilities.

15) JIT synchronizes manufacturing and the supply of materials.

16) The Sarbanes-Oxley Act compelled companies to exercise greater control over their financial processes.

17) For a product to be considered a true ERP product, it must include applications that integrate the processes in SCM, manufacturing, CRM, HR, and accounting.

18) SCM includes procurement, sales order processing, inventory management, supplier management, and other related activities.

19) CRM includes activities such as manufacturing scheduling, capacity planning, quality control, and other related activities.

20) Accounting includes activities such cash management and fixed-asset accounting.

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