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11) The Overland Trails ran:

A)through the southern part of the Indian Territory.

B)well north of the Indian Territory.

C)along navigable rivers.

D)through the northern part of the Indian Territory.

12) Pioneers were motivated to move west for all of the following reasons EXCEPT: A) the promise of economic opportunity.

B)a desire to experience the unknown.

C)there were no jobs in the East.

D)a healthy environment.

13) Which of the following was NOT a major cause of death on the Overland Trails?

A)Indian attack

B)lack of food and water



14) Generally pioneers traveling the Overland Trails in the 1840s and 1850s were: A) constantly attacked by Indians.

B)likely to experience very little dissension.

C)parts of organized westward-moving communities.

D)traveling alone for safety and speed.

15) Prior to the 1830s, the dominant industry in the Oregon Territory was: A) the fur trade.


C)coal mining.


16) The United States gained the Oregon Territory south of the 49th parallel by: A) a treaty with Great Britain.

B)defeating the British in a war.

C)a treaty with Russia.

D)defeating the Mexicans in a war.

17) The controversy over the borders of Oregon was resolved by: A) the U.S. purchase of Alaska.

B)a border skirmish with Britain.

C)a treaty extending the previous boundary line.

D)the Mexican-American War.

18) In the early nineteenth century, these Indian tribes dominated the southern high plains.

A)Navajos and Hopis

B)Cherokees and Creeks

C)Cherokees and Apaches

D)Comanches and Apaches

19) Spain’s exclusionary policy toward Santa Fe changed when: A) Mexico gained its independence from Spain.

B)it became economically necessary for it to do so.

C)the United States defeated Mexico in a war.

D)the Comanches were finally defeated.

20) The population of Bent’s Fort illustrates which broader pattern of American settlement into new areas?

A)frontier of inclusion

B)frontier of exclusion





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