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11) The exhibits in P.T. Barnum’s American Museum were: A) an artful blend of fact and fiction.

B)pure hoaxes.

C)unpopular with the public.

D)scorned by the rich and famous.

12) The most significant demographic development of the period 1820–1860 was: A) the settlement of the Great Plains.

B)the development of suburbs.

C)rapid population growth in the cities.

D)the influx from the south of black workers.

13) The fastest growing city in the United States between 1820–1860 was: A) Boston.


C)New Orleans.

D)New York.

14) Approximately 500,000 free African Americans resided in the United States by 1860, making up what percent of the total black population?

A)less than one percent

B)two percent

C)six percent

D)eleven percent

15) What was the most striking feature about income in the period 1800–1850? A) It was evenly distributed.

B)There was a growing gap between rich and poor.

C)The gap between rich and poor actually narrowed.

D)Per capita income remained fairly stable.

16) Most early nineteenth century cities lacked:

A)municipal water supplies, sewers, and garbage collection.

B)ethnic clusters.

C)places for wealthy people to live.

D)streetcars. Answer: A

17) Which of the following is NOT a part of the new urban popular culture?



C)fire engine companies


18) As urban free black populations grew in the early 19th century: A) urban whites welcomed free blacks as neighbors.

B)blacks were often victims of urban violence.

C)blacks were the most peaceable citizens of their cities.

D)blacks has access to most jobs and professions.

19) Which was the last city to adopt an urban police force?

A)New Orleans


C)New York

D)Savannah Answer: C

20) California was unusual in attracting large numbers of immigrants from: A) China.






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