11) Site selection part of input planning. 12) Human resource

Question : 11) Site selection part of input planning. 12) Human resource : 1914769

11) Site selection is part of input planning.

12) Human resource planning is another area of concern for output planners.

13) Determining at what rate employees are being lost to other organizations is part of human resource planning.

14) The next step in the human resource planning process, after taking a human resource inventory, is determining net human resource requirements.

15) Forecasting is the development of proposed action to furnish sufficient and appropriate organizational resources for reaching established organizational objectives.

16) They key forecast for organizations is the sales forecast because it serves as the fundamental guideline for planning.

17) The jury of executive opinion of forecasting predicts future sales levels primarily by asking appropriate salespeople to give their opinions on what will happen to sales in the future.

18) The Delphi method of forecasting is more formal than the jury of executive opinion method and it also gathers, evaluates, and summarizes expert opinions as the basis for a forecast.

19) A product life cycle refers to the five stages through which most products and services pass, including introduction, growth, maturity, progress, and decline.

20) The sales forecasting method is the most complex method available to managers.

21) Scheduling is an integral part of every organizational plan.

22) The Gantt chart is a scheduling device composed of a bar chart with time on the horizontal axis and the resource to be scheduled on the vertical axis.

23) The PERT network contains two primary elements: time and activities.

24) The first step in designing a PERT network is to identify the critical path.

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