11) Since it impossible to predict the future, projected income

Question : 11) Since it impossible to predict the future, projected income : 1400048



11) Since it is impossible to predict the future, projected income estimates are not part of a good business plan.

12) The two primary factors that affect the legal structure of an entrepreneurial organization are taxes and legal liability.


13) If the legal structure of an entrepreneurial venture does not turn out to be ideal, it can always be changed easily once the organization is up and running.


14) When they first start out, most small entrepreneurial ventures have a very informal organizational structure.


15) An entrepreneurial venture that sees its competitive advantage in cost efficiency would tend to adopt an organic style organizational structure.


16) Since they are often overwhelmed by the pressure of decisions, one chore that most entrepreneurs never hesitate to delegate is decision making.

17) When hiring, entrepreneurs typically are much less concerned with matching a candidate's values to the organization's organizational culture than traditional HRM managers.


18) The classic "entrepreneurial personality" is a person who is high in self-confidence, motivation, and energy.


19) People with proactive personalities tend to react to their environment more than trying to change their environment.


20) You would expect an entrepreneur who has a grand vision for the future to be more of a risk taker than an entrepreneur who is using his or her venture simply as a source of income.



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