11) OLAP a key tool of BI. 12) OLAP used to

Question : 11) OLAP a key tool of BI. 12) OLAP used to : 1927943

11) OLAP is a key tool of BI.

12) OLAP is used to find hidden patterns and relationships in large databases, and infer rules from these to infer future behavior.

13) A foreign key is a field that links to a separate table.

14) Predictive analysis is a technique of data mining.

15) Implementing a Web interface for a database requires changes to the database itself.

16) Common Gateway Interface is a specification for processing data on a Web server.

17) In linking databases to the Web, the role of the application server is to host the DBMS.

18) A firm's information policy lays out who is responsible for updating and maintaining the information in a database system.

19) The use of different terms for identifying data in a firm's various information systems is an example of redundant data.

20) Data cleansing is the same process as data scrubbing.

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