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11. Marty reading a book about puberty and male reproduction.

Question : 11. Marty reading a book about puberty and male reproduction. : 1998378

11. Marty is reading a book about puberty and male reproduction. He learns that the sperm cells develop in the ________.

a. seminiferous tubules

b. vas deferens

c. prostate

d. epididymis

12. Sperm cells that are beginning to develop in a man’s testicles today will not be ready to be ejaculated and able to fertilize an ovum for approximately ________ days.

a. 7-10

b. 17-20

c. 50-55

d. 68-72

13. Matt and Monica have been trying to get pregnant for two years. No wonder it is so difficult! They just found out that the average couple is fertile for only about ________ each month.

a. 1 day

b. 6-7 days

c. 11 days

d. 14 days

14. At the time a fertilized ovum enters the uterus, it is called a(n) ________.

a. follicle

b. seed cell

c. zygote

d. oocyte

15. Immediately upon fertilization, a hormone called ________ begins to be released; pregnancy tests measure the level of this hormone in a woman’s urine to determine pregnancy.

a. estrogen

b. hCG

c. testosterone

d. progestin

16. What is the correct sequence of events that follow fertilization of an egg?

a. zygote, blastocyst, embryo, fetus

b. blastocyst, embryo, zygote, fetus

c. embryo, blastocyst, zygote, fetus

d. zygote, embryo, fetus, blastocyst

17. At the end of the eight weeks following implantation, the embryo becomes known as a(n) ________.

a. morula

b. blastula

c. ovum

d. fetus

18. Carrie was distraught when she miscarried, but found herself even more upset when her doctor told her that another name for a miscarriage is ________.

a. embryonic detachment

b. uterine failure

c. spontaneous abortion

d. early contractions

19. The term quickening refers to when ________.

a. a mother begins to feel fetal movement

b. the fetus begins to have a detectable heart beat

c. the major organ systems in the fetus have developed

d. the fetus develops discernable sex characteristics

20. Another name for ectopic pregnancies is ________, because they often occur there.

a. ovarian pregnancies

b. embryotic pregnancies

c. tubal pregnancies

d. cervical pregnancies

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