11. Martin finds women with long, dark hair very sexually alluring,

Question : 11. Martin finds women with long, dark hair very sexually alluring, : 1411270


11. Martin finds women with long, dark hair very sexually alluring, and all of his sexual partners have long, dark hair. Charles also finds women with long, dark hair alluring. In order for Charles to become aroused and reach orgasm, long, dark hair must be present, whether it is on a woman or not. Martin's behavior might be classified as __________, whereas Charles' behavior might be classified as __________. 
A. normal; deviant
B. deviant; paraphilic
C. paraphilic; perverted
D. a sexual variation; paraphilic

12. Pseudoscientific terms are often used to make 
A. objective terminology clearer to the public.
B. moral judgments about behavior.
C. the public aware of atypical behavior.
D. the public more educated about sexuality.

13. The pejorative term used to describe "abnormal or excessive" sexual desire in a woman is 
A. satyriasis.
B. hyperactive sexual disorder.
C. nymphomania.
D. hypoactive sexual disorder.

14. Lady Jane, a respectable Victorian, anxiously looks forward to an evening of sexual intercourse with her husband, Sir Albert. It is the fourth time this week. Albert, for his part, suspects that Lady Jane may be suffering from 
A. satyriasis.
B. nymphomania.
C. Lady Chatterley Syndrome.
D. menopause.

15. Satyriasis refers to a 
A. clinical term for excessive sexuality in women.
B. psychiatric term for excessive sexuality in men.
C. paraphilic behavior.
D. uncontrollable sexual desire in men.

16. A nineteenth-century man might have been diagnosed as having satyriasis if 
A. he was very sexually active.
B. his sexual desires exceeded those of his wife.
C. his sexual activity was judged "uncontrollable."
D. he preferred many different partners to having one regular partner.

17. The most commonly reported variant or paraphilic behavior found in a survey of college students was 
A. frotteurism.
B. threesomes.
C. voyeurism.
D. talking "dirty."

18. Domination and submission are NOT paraphilic because 
A. a large part of the population participates in these behaviors.
B. the behaviors involve simulated, not real, suffering and humiliation.
C. only slight suffering or injury can occur.
D. domination and submission are only practiced by consenting heterosexuals.

19. Which of the following statements about domination and submission is FALSE? 
A. These activities involve consenting adults.
B. Psychiatrists and psychologists prefer the clinical term sadomasochism.
C. The arousing factor is the sense of power or powerlessness.
D. Fantasy scenes where one has power and control over another are central.

20. The critical element in a domination and submission (D/S) relationship is 
A. pain.
B. power.
C. sex.
D. all of these



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