1.1   LO1: Learn the Features of CFO 1) Section 1.1 has

Question : 1.1   LO1: Learn the Features of CFO 1) Section 1.1 has : 1907265

1.1   LO1: Learn the Features of CFO

1) Section 1.1 has no questions.

1.2   LO2: Learn about the World of Finance

1) Finance is:

A) The study of investment management

B) The study of the stock exchange

C) The study of the capital market and its many players

D) The study of money management for personal use

2) What is the purpose of the capital market?

A) To match people with money to entrepreneurs with great business ideas or concepts

B) To more easily regulate the flow of money between parties

C) To make money without trying

D) To allow people to buy stocks for retirement

3) Which of these is not one of the basic questions for corporate finance?

A) How should we raise the money?

B) What are we going to make?

C) What do we do with our profits?

D) How big of a bonus should we get?

4) Which one of these would a financial advisor say is most important?

A) Making decent dough over the long haul

B) Making a quick buck

C) Avoiding paying taxes whenever possible

D) Properly financing a large purchase

5) ________ would be the course where you learn to tell the good stocks from the bad, and the sure things from the really risky.

A) Corporate Finance

B) Investments

C) Personal Finance

D) Derivative Securities

1.3   LO3: Learn about the Financial System

1) Money market securities have maturities of one year or less.

2) Regulating the banking institutions is one of the Federal Reserve's duties.

3) T-bonds are money market securities, while T-bills and T-notes are traded in the capital market.

4) Preferred stock pays a variable dividend.

5) Capital markets have maturities of one year or less.


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