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11. In smaller single-business firms the distinction between business-level competitive strategy and marketing strategy tends to blur and the two strategies blend into one.



12. Most start-ups succeed by competing as a “me-too” competitor in a well-established and highly competitive product-market.



13. Services can be experienced in advance of the sale, while goods cannot be experienced, or tested, before purchase.



14. All not-for-profit service organizations are concerned with producing and marketing a service as an adjunct to a physical product rather than marketing a service as their primary offering.



15. When examined on a country-by-country basis, the same business unit might be viewed as pursuing different competitive strategies in different countries.



16. One possible outcome of changes due to the evolution of the Internet is that it will be hard for firms to differentiate themselves on the basis of low price.



17. The internet will make it easier for firms, both manufacturers and retailers, to customize their offerings and personalize their relationships with their customers.



18. Defender businesses tend to operate in relatively well-defined, narrow, and stable domains where both the product technology and the customer segments are mature.



19. Analyzer businesses usually operate in broad and rapidly changing domains where neither the technology nor customer segments are well established.



20. Analyzer businesses are often in industries that are still growing or experiencing technological changes.




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