11) In a practical sense, the term political system meant

Question : 11) In a practical sense, the term political system meant : 1418861


11) In a practical sense, the term political system is meant to signify the ________.

A) organization of military power in a country

B) working government in a country

C) philosophical orientations in a country

D) cultural values in a country

12) The distinguishing feature of political ideologies along the political spectrum is ________, with some emphasizing its primacy and others opposing it.

A) capitalism

B) socialism

C) freedom

D) liberalism

13) A(n) ________ ideology is the system of ideas that expresses the goals, theories, and aims of how society should work.

A) technological

B) economic

C) legal

D) political

14) Which of the following best describes a pluralistic society?

A) Multiple segments of society adhere to the same political philosophy.

B) Two dominant political parties rule local and federal governments.

C) Different ideologies are held by different segments of society.

D) Various ethnic groups belong to the official political party.

15) ________ refers to a political system in which government is organized by and accountable to the people.

A) Totalitarianism

B) Fascism

C) Socialism

D) Democracy

16) In a democracy, ________.

A) citizens have the right to participate in the decision-making process

B) the opportunity to truly participate in the political process is restricted to a select few

C) the court system is directly supervised by the political system

D) the rights of the individual are merged with the state

17) In a totalitarian political system, ________.

A) political power resides with the citizens of the country

B) governments direct most economic activity but few social ones

C) an individualistic outlook shapes political debate and policy formation

D) one agent monopolizes political power

18) Which of the following would most likely be used in a totalitarian system to ensure unquestioning support for the official ideology?

A) privately owned media outlets

B) a parliamentary system

C) state control of the education system

D) a representative legislative body

19) Under the ________ form of totalitarianism, the regime confines itself to political control of the state. It does not regulate the economic and social structure of society.

A) fascist

B) communist

C) theocratic

D) authoritarian

20) All of the following countries have totalitarian systems EXCEPT ________.

A) China

B) Russia

C) South Korea

D) Saudi Arabia



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