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11) Groupthink the process of building consensus in groups through

Question : 11) Groupthink the process of building consensus in groups through : 1708571


11) Groupthink is the process of building consensus in groups through deliberative speaking.

12) The average person uses deliberative speaking far more often in group discussions than in formal reports and presentations.

13) Speaking in small groups is much more effective when the members use groupthink.

14) Answering questions after a speech is a form of deliberative speaking.

15) Answering questions after the speech is simply an exercise in informative speaking; it has no impact on the speaker's ethos.

16) The three types of ceremonial speaking are greetings, tributes, and farewells.

17) The most important quality in a ceremonial speech is reinforcement.

18) Ceremonial speeches are most effective when they refer to past events and let the events speak for themselves.

19) Resonance is the speaker's ability to express the audience's unexpressed feelings.

20) In a speech of introduction, it is important to anticipate and preview the ideas that the speaker you are introducing will be covering.



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