11.________ contain data employees’ performance records, educational background, and promotion

Question : 11.________ contain data employees’ performance records, educational background, and promotion : 1414031


11.________ contain data on employees’ performance records, educational background, and promotion recommendations.

a.Computerized information systems

b.Replacement charts

c.Qualifications inventories

d.Trend records

e.Personnel files

12.When managers need to determine which employees are available for promotion or transfer, they will use ________.

a.computerized information systems

b.replacement charts

c.qualifications inventories

d.trend records

e.personnel files

13.Qualifications inventories can be tracked and maintained by using ________.

a.personnel inventories

b.replacement charts

c.position replacement cards

d.computerized information systems

e.all of the above

14.Which tool below can be used in databases to protect the information?



c.access matrices

d.work experience codes


15.Recruiting is necessary to ________.

a.forecast the supply of outside candidates

b.develop an applicant pool

c.determine whether to use inside or outside candidates

d.develop qualifications inventories

e.all of the above

16.Which of the following is not a reason to recruit through a central office?

a.reduction of duplication of efforts

b.shared expenses

c.development and availability of recruitment experts

d.autonomous divisions

e.synergistic recruiting opportunities

17.Why are large applicant pools considered desirable?

a.allow the firm the chance to be more selective

b.increase costs involved in screening applicants

c.extend time required to fill vacant positions

d.costs of processing applicants outweighs benefits of selectivity

e.provide an opportunity to use prescreening computer software

18.Which of the following methods can be used to assess quality of applicants?

a.work sample tests

b.structured interviews

c.grade point average

d.job knowledge tests

e.all of the above

19.Which method listed below has the highest level of validity for predicting job performance?

a.work sample tests

b.biographical data

c.grade point average

d.SAT scores

e.ratings of training and experience

20.A ________ can be used to calculate the number of applicants necessary to result in hiring the required number of new employees.

a.trend analysis

b.ratio analysis

c.recruiting yield pyramid

d.computer information system

e.log function



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