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11) As late as 1820, about what percentage of farm

Question : 11) As late as 1820, about what percentage of farm : 1666755


11) As late as 1820, about what percentage of farm products were consumed outside the local community? A) 10%




12) Which of the following was NOT a way in which the American economy benefited from warfare between the French and English from 1789 to 1814? A) American ships carried more European goods.

B)American seaports grew substantially.

C)The U.S. was able to develop more trade with China.

D)The American shipbuilding trade grew.

13) Toussaint L’Ouverture’s Haitian rebellion in 1791: A) closed the Caribbean to American trade.

B)struck fear into the hearts of white slave owners.

C)was a bloody failure, leaving Haiti under Spanish control.

D)proved that American slavery was safe and secure.

14) Which of the following was NOT true of Jefferson’s political philosophy?

A)faith in republican government

B)reliance on yeoman farmers

C)elites should dominate politics

D)reliance on national expansion

15) The Supreme Court case of Marbury v. Madison established: A) judicial review of acts of Congress.

B)a national government dominated by the executive.

C)a judiciary subject to politics.

D)state governments’ supremacy over the national government.

16) Napoleon sold the Louisiana Territory to the U.S. because:

A)he met defeat in the Caribbean and was in need of money for Europe.

B)he did not desire to develop the territory.

C)the English were blockading him to prevent his armies from landing in New Orleans.

D)he wanted to punish the Spanish for not aiding him in America.

17) In the purchase of Louisiana, Jefferson violated this principle which he had earlier upheld.

A)strict interpretation of executive power

B)a loose construction of the Constitution

C)using debt to fund national expansion

D)a pro-British foreign policy

18) One of the concessions made to Louisiana when acquired by the United States was the continuation of the: A) slave trade.

B)New Orleans port tariff.

C)Spanish right of deposit in New Orleans.

D)French civil law.

19) Although it was temporary, this Mexican province declared itself independent of Spain in 1812.




D)New Mexico

20) Americans found British impressments particularly objectionable because: A) the Royal Navy paid low wages.

B)they resulted in disruptions, which lessened profits in shipping.

C)they demonstrated Britain’s failure to recognize American citizenship.

D)Jefferson did nothing to stop them.



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