11) An organization's strategy its purpose or rationale for an

Question : 11) An organization's strategy its purpose or rationale for an : 1977130

11) An organization's strategy is its purpose or rationale for an organization's existence.

12) Operations strategies are implemented in the same way in all types of organizations.

13) Experience differentiation is an extension of product differentiation, accomplished by using people's five senses to create an experience rather than simply providing a service.

14) An organization's ability to generate unique advantages over competitors is central to a successful strategy implementation.

15) Low-cost leadership is the ability to distinguish the offerings of the organization in any way that the customer perceives as adding value.

16) Most services are tangible; this factor determines how the ten decisions of operations management are handled differently for goods than for services.

17) The relative importance of each of the ten operations decisions depends on the ratio of goods and services in an organization.

18) Decisions that involve what is to be made and what is to be purchased fall under the heading of supply-chain management.

19) Manufacturing organizations have ten strategic OM decisions, while service organizations have only eight.

20) Errors made within the location decision area may overwhelm efficiencies in other areas.

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