11) An interest group an informal group that forms in

Question : 11) An interest group an informal group that forms in : 1414486


11) An interest group is an informal group that forms in organizations because of the personal affiliation members have with one another.

12) The most important step managers need to take in managing work groups is to determine what informal groups exist in the organization, and who their members are.

13) The procedure for conducting a sociometric analysis in an organization is highly complex, and managers should weigh the expected benefits, before embarking on it.

14) The membership of friendship groups in an organization tend to remain static over long periods of time.

15) According to Homans' Model, the informal group is established to provide satisfaction and growth for its members.

16) Good managers constantly try to help groups become teams.

17) Cross-functional teams must be self-managed.

18) The first stage in team development is "storming."

19) The performing stage of team development is characterized by the members focusing on solving organizational problems and meeting assigned challenges.

20) During the norming stage of team development, the team will finish its job and prepare to disband.



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