11. All of the following true of today’s adolescents as

Question : 11. All of the following true of today’s adolescents as : 1997988

11. All of the following are true of today’s adolescents as compared to adolescents in the 19th century EXCEPT

a)adolescents are beginning menstruation earlier, around age 11 or 12.

b)adolescents are exhibiting signs of sexual maturity and puberty much earlier.

c)adolescents are exhibiting adult height much earlier.

d)adolescents are exhibiting advanced levels of intellectual and emotional growth much earlier.

12. A pattern of change occurring over several generations is called

a)a primary characteristic.

b)a secular trend.

c)a secondary characteristic.

d)an intergenerational cycle.

13. When physical characteristics, such as early onset of menstruation or increased height and weight (due to better nutrition), change over the course of several generations, this is an example of a

a)generational cycle.

b)primary characteristic.

c)secular trend.

d)secondary characteristic.

14. The characteristics associated with the development of the organs and structures of the body that directly relate to reproduction are called

a)secular trend.


c)secondary sex characteristics.

d)primary sex characteristics.

15. The visible signs of sexual maturity that do not directly involve the sex organs are called

a)primary sex characteristics.

b)secondary sex characteristics.


d)secular trend.

16. By age 8, _________ Caucasian American girls and ________ African American girls develop breasts or pubic hair.

a)1 out of 7; 1 out of 2

b)1 out of 2; 1 out of 7

c)2 out of 7; 1 out of 2

d)1 out of 2; 2 out of 7

17. In boys, the penis and scrotum begin to grow at an accelerated rate around age ____, and reach adult size in _____ years.

a)14; 2

b)12; 3 or 4

c)11; 2

d)10; 4 to 5

18. A primary sex characteristic in boys is

a)pubic, underarm, and facial hair.

b)deepened voices.


d)changes in vocal cord and larynx.

19. The surge in hormone production that triggers the beginning of adolescence may lead to rapid mood swings. Boys may have feelings of ________, while girls may feel ______

a)anger and depression; anger and annoyance.

b)anger and annoyance; anger and depression.

c)anger and annoyance; depression and withdrawal.

d)depression and withdrawal; anger and annoyance.

20. Though early maturation is largely a plus for boys, there are downsides. All of the following are downsides to early maturation in a boy EXCEPT

a)the boy is more likely to have difficulties in school.

b)the boy is likely to become involved in delinquency.

c)the boy is likely to become involved in substance abuse.


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