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11) According to the "Moon Shots for Management" report, organizations

Question : 11) According to the "Moon Shots for Management" report, organizations : 2048526

11) According to the "Moon Shots for Management" report, organizations should strive to be ________.

A) larger and more innovative

B) smaller and more innovative

C) larger and more disciplined

D) larger and more responsible

12) According to the "Moon Shots for Management" report, issues of beauty and justice should have ________ issues of efficiency and profit.

A) higher priority than

B) equal priority to

C) lower priority than

D) no connection to

13) To foster creativity, "Moon Shots for Management" suggests that managers ________.

A) reward innovation with high pay

B) hire artists as organizational consultants

C) take a day off each month for meditation

D) create internal markets for ideas

14) The top three ideas in the "Moon Shots for Management" report focused on ________.

A) operations

B) ethics

C) profits

D) diversity

15) Why do many traditional theories of management lack relevance today?

A) Contemporary organizations are self-directed.

B) The 21st-century world is much different.

C) Social significance drives all business strategies.

D) The HR function has superceded traditional management.

16) What is a likely reason that the "Moon Shots for Management" report recommended that managers should move away from a focus on wealth accumulation?

A) Returns on business investment have become too small.

B) Sustainable practices do not generate wealth.

C) Overemphasis on profits led to global economic collapse.

D) Managers are not skilled financial planners.

17) What are the keys to being a resonant leader?

A) authority, ethics, courage

B) ethics, discipline, and authority

C) emotional intelligence, academic intelligence, and efficient use of power

D) emotional intelligence, ethics, and responsible use of power

18) Fighting against change is ________.

A) natural and can be helpful in the long run

B) unnatural, but can be helpful in the short run

C) futile and can be destructive

D) a noble cause that all managers should join

19) Which statement about values and ethics best reflects the philosophy of resonant leadership?

A) Managers should strive to develop their own ethical values and demand that organizations support them.

B) Managers should strive to support their organization's ethical values under all circumstances.

C) Managers should strive to keep their ideas about ethics and values separate from those of their organization.

D) Organizations should insist that managers support the organizational values and ethics that they have created.

20) For 21st-century managers, education should ________.

A) include an MBA program

B) consist primarily of on-the-job experience

C) be ongoing

D) be mandated by their organizations

21) The best way to learn something new is to ________.

A) try to correct a deficiency

B) focus on what's not working

C) focus on a positive goal

D) try to identify a problem area

22) According to Boyatzis's model, intentional change begins with identification of your ________.

A) real self

B) short-term goals

C) strengths and weaknesses

D) ideal self

23) According to the Boyatzis model, the second stage of intentional change focuses on identification of your ________.

A) real self

B) strengths

C) weaknesses

D) ideal self

24) The third stage of Boyatzis's intentional change model focuses on identification of ________.

A) your skills and abilities

B) the gaps between your real and ideal self

C) the similarities between your real and your ideal self

D) the gaps between your ideas and your actions

25) According to Boyatzis, the final stage of intentional change focuses on ________.

A) total re-creation of who you are

B) becoming egoless

C) developing a learning plan for change

D) performing exercises for reconstruction

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