11) A private cloud operated by a single organization but

Question : 11) A private cloud operated by a single organization but : 1927931

11) A private cloud is operated by a single organization but may be managed by a third party and be located off premises.

12) Hypertext markup language specifies how text, graphics, video, and sound are placed on a document.

13) Web services can exchange information between two different systems regardless of the operating system or programming languages on which the systems are based.

14) XML is limited to describing how data should be presented in the form of Web pages; HTML can perform presentation, communication, and storage of data.

15) The collection of Web services that are used to build a firm's software systems constitutes what is known as a service-oriented architecture.

16) SaaS providers deliver and provide Web-based, remote access to storage.

17) Allowing departments to make their own software and hardware purchases increases efficiency and minimizes the need for centralized support.

18) Total cost of ownership components include costs for downtime, training, and support.

19) One of the main benefits of moving to mobile business computing platforms is the dramatically lower costs of hardware.

20) Software localization refers to the entire process of converting software to operate in a second language.

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