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11. A long product line is considered desirable during the early stages of product evolution rather than during later stages.



12. Short product lines generally come about through many line extensions.



13. Most new products fail purely due to technical reasons.



14. Companies ask for purchase commitments from customers after completing production under the collective customer commitment approach.



15. Function-specific teams are more efficient for innovations that are radical.



16. Stage-gate systems are used for managing new product development from idea generation to product launch.



17. A principal goal of using the stage-gate process is to improve the speed with which a firm brings new products to market.



18. A cross-disciplinary team is appointed to staff the gates in most companies or business units using stage-gate systems.



19. A product design creates impressions concerning other product attributes.



20. A field test market test seeks to obtain an estimate of the sales that will be achieved once the product is rolled out into a broader market.




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