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11) A holograph will needs to be in the handwriting of the testator.

12) With samples of valid wills being available on websites and in bookstores, it is not recommended that a person incur the additional expense of hiring a lawyer to write a will.

13) A preferential share claimed by a spouse may limit the amount granted to other beneficiaries.

14) Even a parent without significant net worth needs a will to appoint a guardian for children.

15) Since the settling of wills is straightforward, almost anyone can do a good job as an executor of an estate.

16) The residue of an estate is the amount of assets you own before taxes.

17) If you get married, your will is cancelled (except in Quebec).

18) If you are involved in a common-law relationship, you will still be entitled to a preferential share.

19) The administrator of a will essentially takes over ownership of the deceased assets in order to distribute them to the beneficiaries.

20) If you have a child, your will is cancelled on the date of his or her birth.

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