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Question : 11. A control plan in which a source document designed

11. A control plan in which a source document is designed to make it easier to prepare the document initially and later to input data from the document into a computer or other input device is called document design.

12. Written approval takes the form of a signature or initials on a document to indicate that the proper person has authorized the event.

13. Online prompting helps guide the online entry of data by defining the acceptable length and format of certain fields.

14. With preformatted screens a computer system asks the user for input or asks questions that the user must answer.

15. Programmed edit checks are edits automatically performed by data entry programs upon entry of the input data.

16. A variation of the limit check is the reasonableness check.

17. Dollar totals represent a summarization of any numeric data field within the input document or record.

18. The edit that compares calculations performed manually to those performed by the computer to determine if a document has been entered correctly is referred to as mathematical accuracy checks.

19. A check digit is an extra digit that is added to the identification number of entities to help control the accuracy with which the number is entered into a computer system.

20. Confirm input acceptance is a control that helps ensure input completeness by informing the user that the input has been accepted for processing.

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