11. A community health nurse assesses a child during a home visit.

Question : 11. A community health nurse assesses a child during a home visit. : 2134885

11. A community health nurse assesses a child during a home visit. Which of the following would lead the nurse to suspect that the child is a victim of sexual abuse?

A) Bruising of the arms and back

B) Evidence of numerous dental caries

C) Complaints of pain on urination

D) Burns on the hands and feet

12. A group of families are attending a local community group for a class on Internet safety and children. Which of the following statements by the group indicate effective teaching?

A) “It's not so much the time they spend but the sites they use.”

B) “We'll move the computer to the family room so we can keep an eye.”

C) “We'll set the Internet security browser to medium.”

D) “The firewall program we have from 2 years ago should still be good.”

13. When describing the cycle of violence to a group of students, the instructor includes which of the following as occurring as the cycle continues?

A) Frequency of the cycle slows

B) Tension-building occurs less often

C) Loving reconciliation lasts longer

D) Acute battering occurs more often

14. Which of the following would a community health nurse expect to find in a perpetrator of intimate partner violence?

A) Occasional marijuana use

B) High academic achievement

C) Belief in gender dominance

D) Desire for complacency

15. While visiting a family in their home, a community health nurse hears a parent screaming, “Everything you do is wrong. Can't you do anything right ever?” The nurse suspects which of the following?

A) Neglect

B) Emotional abuse

C) Sexual abuse

D) Physical abuse

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