11) __________ impressive to see a grizzly bear in the

Question : 11) __________ impressive to see a grizzly bear in the : 2007958

11) __________ impressive to see a grizzly bear in the wild.

A) Its'

B) Its

C) It's

12) Students in the summer art class were involved enough in __________ work to skip lunch to complete a project.

A) his

B) her

C) their

D) they're

13) In a fit of anger after an argument, I __________ out all of my friend's letters and pictures.

A) threw

B) had thrown

C) thru

D) through

14) He found it hard to  __________ that nothing was left after the fire __________ the ashes of all his possessions.

A) accept, except

B) except, except

C) accept, accept

D) except, accept

15) The ambulance responded to an accident at the construction __________.

A) cite

B) sight

C) site

16) The limping grizzly bear evidently had hurt __________ paw.

A) its'

B) it's

C) its

17) I would vote for that candidate again __________ of his extramarital affairs.

A) regardless

B) irregardless

Answer:  A

Page Ref: LBH 6/C/e, Glossary of usage, pp. 841ff18) I have decided to stand by my __________ and vote for the Libertarian presidential candidate this year.

A) principles

B) principals

19) While out on Halloween, he soaped four __________.

A) peoples' cars

B) people's cars'

C) people's cars

D) peoples car's

20) In a department full of rigid thinkers, changes that __________ everyone are always difficult to __________.

A) affect, affect

B) affect, effect

C) effect, effect

D) effect, affect

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