103.The Large and Small Magellanic clouds satellites galaxies of the

Question : 103.The Large and Small Magellanic clouds satellites galaxies of the : 1777272

103.The Large and Small Magellanic clouds are satellites galaxies of the Milky Way.
104.Elliptical galaxies are primarily made up of massive O and B stars.
105.The Local Group of galaxies is dominated by the presence of spiral galaxies.
106.The Milky Way galaxy is not a radio galaxy; it emits no radio radiation.
107.Double-lobed radio galaxies appear to be emitting jets of gas and radiation.
108.The radio radiation emitted by a radio lobe is mainly synchrotron radiation.
109.Seyfert galaxies are spiral galaxies with active cores.
110.Globular clusters are too small to have black holes at their center.
111.Radio lobes are held together by their magnetic fields.
112.The rapid fluctuations of quasars show that the energy emitting portions of these objects must be very small.
113.Quasar red shifts are usually larger than the red shifts of the visible galaxies.
114.If a quasar has a red shift of 0.98, then it is receding from Earth at 98 percent the speed of light.
115.Some quasars have fuzz around them that produce spectra similar to normal galaxies.

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