101.Which of the following the most frequently used and a

Question : 101.Which of the following the most frequently used and a : 1402252


101.Which of the following is the most frequently used and a highly effective influence tactic?

a.Using rational persuasion

b.Rewarding desired behaviors

c.Relying on the rule of reciprocity

d.Making people like you

e.Developing allies

102.When leaders influence others through the exchange of benefits or favors, which influence tactic is being  used?

a.Develop allies

b.Use rational persuasion

c.Make people like you

d.Rule of reciprocity

e.Reward behaviors

103.The six interpersonal influence tactics for leaders include all of the following EXCEPT:

a.use rational persuasion.

b.rely on the rule of reciprocity.

c.develop allies.

d.do not worry about people liking you.

e.ask for what you want.

104.All of the following are interpersonal influence tactics EXCEPT:

a.help people like you.

b.develop allies.

c.rely on the rule of demand.

d.make use of higher authority.

e.ask for what you want.

Scenario - Barry Bailey


The mandatory leadership-training seminar had just been concluded. All of the newly promoted managers at Marc's Music, Inc. had been asked to attend and participate in the two-day seminar, and Barry Bailey had been fascinated with what she had learned. She is now reviewing the material she covered.

105.Barry will develop strong skills in working with her people and also strong ability in accomplishing the task achieving the goals of Marc's Music. On the managerial grid, her style will be:











106.Barry recognizes that her power can come from five sources, including all of the following EXCEPT:

a.referent power.

b.reward power.

c.coercive power.

d.mechanistic power.

e.All of the sources of power.

107.Barry learns of a recent study on gender differences in leadership behaviors. In which area of leadership do women score more highly than men?

a.Motivating others

b.Fostering communication

c.Builds relationships

d.Listening to others

e.All of the above

108.To become a level 5 leader, Barry would have to hone which personal characteristic?






109.The ability to influence people toward the attainment of goals is known as    .

110.     leadership transcends self interest to serve others and the organization.



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