101.Which best describes a newborn’s sense of smell? a.Highly developedc.Exists but

Question : 101.Which best describes a newborn’s sense of smell? a.Highly developedc.Exists but : 1408629



101.Which best describes a newborn’s sense of smell?

a.Highly developedc.Exists but is not very useful

b.Crude but effectived.Nonexistent




102.Cher offers her 10-day-old daughter, Chastity, a taste of some juice she is drinking. Based on the fact that Chastity makes a terrible face when she tastes the juice, you would suspect that it was






103.The Babinski reflex is evidence that infants

a.can smell.

b.are able to hear low-pitched sounds.

c.experience pain.

d.perceive touch.




104.Nathan suddenly lets out a high-pitched cry, lowers his eyebrows, and purses his lips. You would be safest in assuming that Nathan is

a.happy.c.experiencing pain.

b.cold.d.playing peek-a-boo.





a.cannot experience pain.

b.don’t react to pain-inducing stimuli.

c.produce a distinct “pain cry.”

d.are much more sensitive to pain than teenagers.




106.How would you respond to a telephone operator who claims that her eight-month-old fetus gets excited every time she says, “What city please?”

a.“You may be correct, since by that age the fetus may actually be hearing your voice.”

b.“It is likely gas, since fetuses can’t hear until they are out of the womb.”

c.“If what you say is true, you are likely carrying a female because they develop a sense of hearing before males.”

d.“Since fetuses have no memory, there is no way they would only respond to a specific phrase.”




107.Adults tend to be able to hear _____ sounds better than infants.

a.human speech rangec.quiet





108.Marcie sings the same lullaby to her infant son every night because she believes he has learned to recognize it. Does recent research support her claim?

a.No. Her son may recognize her voice but not a particular song.

b.No. Research indicates he would not recognize Marcie’s voice or the song she’s singing.

c.Yes. Her son would be able to recognize a particular lullaby.

d.Yes. But only if her child is genetically predisposed to excel in music.




109.Traditional eye tests in which a person is shown a chart with a set of letters in a line that gets progressively smaller near the bottom of the chart are designed to directly assess

a.visual acuity.c.color blindness.

b.depth perception.d.field of vision.




110.Dr. Quillan is measuring the point at which an infant can no longer differentiate between a striped-patterned stimulus and a gray square. Dr. Quillan is probably attempting to measure the infant’s

a.depth perception.

b.retinal disparity.

c.visual acuity.

d.ability to perceive different pitches.





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