101.One of your fellow team members at work continually disrupting

Question : 101.One of your fellow team members at work continually disrupting : 1402267


101.One of your fellow team members at work is continually disrupting the team's work with jokes and general horseplay. You hope that by ignoring him he will stop this senseless behavior. You are attempting to use which reinforcement tool?


b.Positive reinforcement

c.Negative reinforcement

d.Avoidance learning

e.Desired behavior is reinforced annually

102.Which theory proposes that an individual’s motivation can result not just from direct experience of rewards and punishments but also from the person’s thoughts and beliefs and his or her observations of other people’s behavior?

a.Reinforcement theory

b.Hierarchy of needs theory

c.ERG theory

d.Experiential learning theory

e.Social learning theory

103.occurs when an individual sees others perform certain behaviors and get rewarded for them.

a.Vicarious learning




e.Experiential learning

104.At Rightway Industries, new hires spend a significant portion of their first week of training just walking around the factory, observing other workers and watching them get rewarded for doing their jobs well. This is an example of:

a.vicarious learning.




e.experiential learning.

105.Which of the following is the application of motivational theories to the structure of work for improving productivity and satisfaction?

a.Job design

b.Job enlargement

c.Job simplification

d.Job characteristics

e.Job enrichment

106.Larry is looking for ways to increase the number of different tasks that an employee performs without increasing task complexity. He should try:

a.job simplification.

b.job enlargement.

c.job rotation.

d.job enrichment.

e.job lay-off.

107.systematically moves employees from one job to another, thereby increasing the number of different tasks an employee performs without increasing the complexity of any one job.

a.Job simplification

b.Job rotation

c.Job enlargement

d.Job enrichment

e.None of these

108.A job design that incorporates achievement, recognition, and other high-level motivators into the work is referred to as:

a.job simplification.

b.job rotation.

c.job enlargement.

d.job enrichment.

e.none of these.

109.Karen is a first line supervisor at Wolfs, Inc. She wishes to increase her employee's opportunities for growth and learning. Which of the following techniques should she use?

a.Job enlargement

b.Job enrichment

c.Job rotation

d.Positive reinforcement


110.is an important part of the job characteristics model.

a.Critical psychological states

b.A hierarchy of needs

c.Schedules of reinforcement

d.Goal setting




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