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Question : 101.In 2005, 3M ran a “Stick up for the Cause”


101.In 2005, 3M ran a “Stick up for the Cause” campaign in which it donated part of the October sales of its Post-It notes to the City of Hope, a cancer research organization.  With this charitable campaign, 3M was emphasizing its _____ responsibility to society.





3M is voluntarily serving a social role beyond its other responsibilities.

102.__________ are the expectations that a company will voluntarily serve a social role beyond its economic, legal, and ethical responsibilities.

a.Stakeholder responsibilities

b.Overt responsibilities

c.Discretionary responsibilities

d.Social expectations

e.Stakeholders’ expectations

103.Companies are not considered unethical if they do not perform their __________ responsibilities.





104.Which of the following statements about social responsibility is true?

a.Companies are viewed as having social responsibilities in economic, legal, and ethical areas.

b.The relative importance of economic, legal, ethical, and discretionary responsibilities is fixed and unchanging over time.

c.Economic and legal responsibilities play a larger role in a company’s social responsibility than do ethical and discretionary responsibilities.

d.Companies will be considered unethical if they do not perform their discretionary responsibilities.

e.Economic responsibilities are often referred to as fiscal responsibilities.

105.Lever’s most successful product in India is Fair & Lovely, a skin whitening agent that is sold to dark-skinned women in India to help them find a better husband and a better job. Lever is emphasizing its __________ responsibility to make a profit and ignoring its __________ responsibilities to help women realize that their appearances are superficial.; ethical

b.discretionary; ethical

c.economic; legal

d.economic; fiscal

e.economic; discretionary

106.For some time now, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has been making anti-AIDS drugs like Retrovir and Epivir available in hard-hit areas of Africa at up to 75 percent off the global price. By providing the drugs at a fraction of their usual costs, GSK was acting at which level of social responsibility?




107.When media in India informed the public that Coca-Cola products bottled in India contained a high level of certain cancer-causing pesticides, Coke responded by saying that all of India’s water was contaminated and that it was not doing anything wrong by using the local water supply. What kind of a strategy did Coke use to respond to its social responsibility problems?

a.reactive strategy

b.prospective strategy

c.defensive strategy

d.accommodative strategy

e.proactive strategy

108.Patagonia, which manufactures outdoor clothing and gear, has developed a new, more environmentally friendly method of preparing wool for its products. The company chose to adopt this method and other techniques for reducing environmental harm because it acts at the _____ level of social responsibility.





109.Much of the winter sports clothing manufactured and sold by Patagonia uses polyester fill. In 1996, the company developed a method for almost endless recycling of polyester to match its environmental attitude toward manufacturing.  Patagonia appears to use a(n) _____ strategy.






110.A U.S. metals broker advertises, “95 percent of orders shipped from stock” even though the company has no warehouses and no inventory. When questioned about the falseness of the ad, the broker responded, “We do ship 95 percent of our orders from stock, but it is from suppliers’ stocks, not ours.” To respond to this ethical question, the broker used a(n) __________ strategy.








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