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Question : 101.David Cowell, an editor for Reuters News Service, admits that


101.David Cowell, an editor for Reuters News Service, admits that his attitude had created an uncomfortable work environment for his employees and led to a conflict-based organizational culture. As a result, Reuters had its employees from Cowell’s office work together to build a new home for a family in need. The project forced the employees to work in an unfamiliar environment, and because no one person was more skilled than another at construction, they were able to gain a new respect for each other and find new ways of interacting. This is an example of:

a.behavioral iteration

b.behavioral substitution

c.behavioral subtraction

d.organizational rationale

e.principle existence

102.Organizations use behavioral addition, behavioral substitution, and __________ to change their organizational culture. advocacy

b.visible artifacts


d.affective stores

e.incremental valences

103.__________ is the process of having managers and employees perform new behaviors that are central to and symbolic of the new organizational culture that a company wants to create.

a.Relationship transformation

b.Behavioral substitution


d.Attitudinal modification

e.Behavioral addition

104.When Time-Warner and AOL merged, they had two different organizational cultures.  One of the actions taken to make the transition smoother was to abandon dress codes.  This elimination of dress codes is an example of how _____ can be used to change organizational cultures.

a.behavioral substitutes

b.behavioral additions

c.affective additions

d.visible artifacts

e.behavioral subtractions

105.When using __________ to change organizational culture, the key to success is to choose behaviors that are central to and symbolic of the “old” culture you’re changing and the “new” culture you want to create.

a.attitudinal motivation and conditioned learning

b.behavioral substitution and behavioral addition

c.conditioned and classical learning

d.negative and positive reinforcements

e.organizational stories and heroes

106.Which of the following approaches will guarantee the successful change of an organizational culture?

a.employee munificence

b.perceptual substitution

c.the recognition of new organizational heroes organizational stories

e.none of these

107.Managers can use behavioral addition and behavioral substitution to:

a.create benchmarks

b.assess the threats and opportunities in the internal environment

c.develop new products

d.locate new markets for existing products

e.modify corporate culture

108.In order to change an organizational culture, top management can persuade other managers and employees to perform a new behavior in place of an older one. This technique is called:

a.behavioral iteration

b.behavioral substitution

c.behavioral subtraction

d.organizational acculturation

e.replacement behavior

109.When Samsonite purchased American Tourister, one of the first things the new management did was to eliminate the gorilla (which had appeared in all American Tourister ads for years and which represented the quality construction of American Tourister luggage). For American Tourister employees, the gorilla had been a symbol of quality and commitment. The executive order to remove the gorilla posters from the walls of offices and factories was one of the means Samsonite used to change the organizational culture at American Tourister. The gorilla posters were an example of:

a.visible artifacts

b.iconic representations

c.organizational metaphors

d.organizational allegories

e.imbued artifacts

110.Which of the following would be an example of a visible artifact for an organization that is being merged with a large international firm?

a.personal parking spaces for all salespeople

b.a private company dining room

c.traditional offices

d.end-of-year bonuses

e.all of these



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