101. Which of the following NOT a likely trend in psychology's

Question : 101. Which of the following NOT a likely trend in psychology's : 1385846


101. Which of the following is NOT a likely trend in psychology's near future?

A. Psychology will become increasingly specialized.

B. Neuroscientific approaches will have an increasing influence on psychology.

C. Psychology will become an increasingly unified discipline.

D. Diversity will assume increasing importance in psychology.

102. Pablo is taking part in a psychology experiment. He watches two political campaign ads: one highlighting the candidate's positive attributes, and one emphasizing the opponent's negative features. During each ad, Pablo's brain is scanned. This experiment is most likely conducted by a(n) _____ neuroscientist.

A. clinical

B. social

C. behavioral

D. counseling

103. Strategies aimed at encouraging one to examine assumptions, evaluate assertions, and think more carefully are specifically called _____ techniques.

A. normative

B. description-based

C. chunking

D. critical thinking

Fill in the Blank Questions

104. Psychology is the science of _____.

105. Dr. Thibodeaux examines sensory, learning, and cognitive processes. She is a(n) _____ psychologist.

106. Ursula is interested in helping students develop effective study practices and to manage test anxiety. Her advisor suggests that she consider a career in _____ psychology.

107. Consider the three fields of evolutionary psychology, behavioral genetics, and clinical neuropsychology. Of these fields, _____ is the least specific in its focus.

108. The relatively new field of _____ unites the areas of neuroscience and clinical psychology.

109. Most psychologists have a doctorate, either a PhD or a(n) _____.

110. Recall the distinction between the PhD and PsyD degrees. Of the two, the less research-oriented is the _____.


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