101. In the context of the organization of the brain,

Question : 101. In the context of the organization of the brain, : 1411871


101. In the context of the organization of the brain, the _____ is the part of the hindbrain that is involved in sleep and arousal.

A. pons

B. medulla

C. cerebellum

D. thalamus

102. Damien has been unable to sleep for the past few weeks. He wakes up in the middle of the night and cannot go back to sleep. On certain occasions, he cannot fall asleep at all and at other times, he is unable to wake up from sleep. In the context of the organization of the brain, Damien’s problem with sleep and arousal is most likely caused by the poor functioning of the _____.

A. pons

B. amygdala

C. medulla

D. cerebellum

103. Donny suffered a stroke a few years ago. For many months, he was unable to coordinate his movements making it impossible for him to even stand up. Since then, he has been walking in a jerky, uncoordinated manner. In this scenario, Donny’s symptoms after the stroke are most likely due to damage to his _____.

A. forebrain

B. cerebellum

C. medulla

D. midbrain

104. Derek met with an accident that caused severe damage to his cerebellum. In the context of the organization of the brain, Derek is most likely to experience problems in _____ as a result of the damage.

A. breathing and heart rate

B. hearing and vision

C. speech and comprehension

D. balance and muscle coordination

105. Tricia suffers a stroke at the age of 35 years. As a result, her motor functioning is severely impaired. Her movements become awkward, jerky, and uncoordinated. In this scenario, her symptoms are most likely caused by damage to the _____.

A. amygdala

B. medulla

C. cerebellum

D. hippocampus

106. Emma just received word that her grandfather’s stroke damaged a region in his brain called the substantia nigra. As a consequence of this damage, Emma’s grandfather will most likely:

A. have tremors.

B. forget names.

C. have vision problems.

D. have speech impediments.

107. When Sam walks into his class, he does not have to think consciously about how to walk. When he gets there, he pays attention to the lecture even though it is boring and he is tired. In this scenario, the brain structure that is most likely causing these stereotyped patterns of behavior in Sam is the _____.

A. reticular formation

B. substantia nigra

C. hypothalamus

D. amygdala

108. Ginny was in a car accident in which her amygdala was severely damaged. Which of the following is a likely consequence of this damage?

A. Ginny will now talk with a stutter.

B. Ginny will try to eat the plate on which her sandwich is placed.

C. Ginny will have difficulty skipping and hopping.

D. Ginny will struggle to feel a feather brushed across her cheek.

109. Joe has suffered a massive stroke. Since then, he has started repeating many of his actions through the day. He brushes his teeth many times in the morning and takes a shower many times before bedtime. This is because he is unable to retain any memories of his actions. In the context of the organization of the brain, these behavioral symptoms are most likely due to a damaged _____.

A. amygdala

B. thalamus

C. hippocampus

D. hypothalamus

110. In the context of the organization of the brain, damage to the hippocampus impairs:

A. autonomic functioning.

B. motor activity.

C. sexual functioning.

D. memory formation.



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