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1. ________________Work teams are permanent small groups of people with complementary skills who handle the ongoing, day-to-day operations of the organization.

2. ________________Cross-functional teams are temporarily assembled to solve specific problems and then disbanded.

3. ________________Team members hold themselves mutually accountable to achieve common performance goals.

4. ________________A cross-functional team blends people from different areas of the organization to solve a problem or take advantage of a new business opportunity.

5. ________________Cross-functional teams generally work on specific problems or projects but may also be permanent work team arrangements.

6. ________________Virtual teams are conceptual ideas about how potential teams that are not yet created should be organized.

1.Effective teams:

a.typically have between 5 and 12 members.

b. generally have 30 or more members.

c.are more innovative if everyone has a common background.

d. work best if team member roles are ambiguous.

2.Effective teams require their members to fill all of the following roles, EXCEPT:

a.task specialist roles.c. dual roles.

b.socio-emotional roles.d. non-participative roles.

3.Diverse teams:

a.allow a broader perspective in finding creative solutions.

b.are more innovative than homogeneous teams.

c.all of these answers are correct.

d.represents the differences in ability, experience, personality, or any other factor on a team.


a.empowers employees while ensuring controls through mutual responsibility and accountability.

b.has no bearing on employee empowerment. best when there is a high degree of team conflict. best when there is a low degree of team diversity.

1.There are five stages of group development. Name and discuss each stage.

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