1. Why did Adolph Hitler claim Jews were to blame

Question : 1. Why did Adolph Hitler claim Jews were to blame : 1680308

1. Why did Adolph Hitler claim Jews were to blame for what he perceived as Germany’s postWorld War I moral decline?

a.Their involvement in the art scene

b.Their association with communism

c.Their sympathy with the French

d.Their control of most lending banks

2. What three major divisions of German society does Georg Grosz parody in his painting The Pillars of Society?

a.Upper, middle, and lower classes

b.Artists, entertainers, and merchants

c.Military, clergy, and middle class

d.Intellectuals, workers, and politicians

3. In Franz Kafka’s The Trial, why is protagonist Josef K. arrested and tried?

a.For being a communist

b.For being Jewish

c.For killing his mother

d.For an unknown reason

4. Why did Kaiser Wilhelm II abdicate to the Social Democratic Party in 1919?

a.Appease the Spartikusbund uprising

b.Satisfy the terms of the Treaty of Versailles

c.Avoid imprisonment by invading Czechs

d.Support the new Weimer Republic government

5. What did Bertolt Brecht aim to accomplish by alienating audiences with his epic theater?

a.Expose the excesses of a capitalistic society

b.Make them view the characters critically

c.Shock them into turning to Marxism

d.Force them to identify with the main character

6. Why did the bourgeois German youth flock to the Wandervogel movement?

a.To defy their conservative parents

b.To discuss plans for a revolt

c.To recapture a premodern past

d.To train in secret for military duty

7. With what did Bauhaus School founder Walter Gropius equate his architecture?  a. Politics




8. What “cosmic interaction” did Piet Mondrian believe the grid represented?

a.Birth and death cycles

b.Planetary orbits

c.Masculine and feminine

d.Divine and human

9. Why did Le Corbusier design his buildings without supporting walls?

a.Provide interior-space flexibility

b.Conserve concrete and steel

c.Make the rooms seem larger

d.Adhere to the principles of Zen

10. Why did the Nazis dislike the Bauhaus style?

a.Designs not functional for working class

b.Rejected traditional German values

c.Gropius was a known communist

d.Openness lacked adequate privacy


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