1) Which offense is NOT considered a vice crime

Question : 1) Which offense is NOT considered a vice crime : 2151777

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

1) Which offense is NOT considered a vice crime?

A) Prostitution.

B) Vagrancy.

C) Obscenity.

D) Gambling.

2) Which is NOT a crime against decency and morality?

A) Incest.

B) Polygamy.

C) Indecent Exposure.

D) Pornography.

3) A group of people publicly gathering unlawfully for an illegal purpose is known as a(n):

A) Breach of Peace.

B) Unlawful Assembly.

C) Riot.

D) Rout.

4) An unlawfully assembled group taking a significant step toward rioting is known as a(n):

A) Breach of Peace.

B) Riot.

C) Rout.

D) Unlawful Assembly.

5) The key to a disorderly conduct conviction is:

A) Disorder.

B) Unlawful Assembly.

C) Inciting a Riot.

D) Protest.

6) A "catch-all" statute that targets a variety of disruptive behaviors that do not always fit neatly into categories.

A) Rout.

B) Breach of Peace.

C) Riot.

D) Unlawful Assembly.

7) This offense is defined as moving about with no visible means of financial support.

A) Prostitution.

B) Loitering.

C) Panhandling.

D) Vagrancy.

8) This crime is often referred to as the world's oldest profession.

A) Vagrancy.

B) Prostitution.

C) Theft.

D) Trespassing.

9) Which Supreme Court case determined that child pornography is NOT protected under the First Amendment?

A) Virginia v. Hicks.

B) Miller v. California.

C) New York v. Ferber.

D) Roth v. United States.

10) Operating a motor vehicle with a blood or breath alcohol level over the legal limit is known as:

A) Consumption of Alcohol by a Minor.

B) Driving under the Influence.

C) Minor in Possession.

D) Public Intoxication.

11) Appearing in a public place while under the influence of alcohol or substances to a degree where the individual is likely to endanger themselves, others, or property is known as:

A) Minor in Possession.

B) Driving under the Influence.

C) Consumption of Alcohol by a Minor.

D) Public Intoxication.

12) Which offense is NOT considered an alcohol offense?

A) Driving under the Influence.

B) Underage Consumption or Possession of Alcohol by a Minor.

C) Disorderly Conduct.

D) Public Intoxication.

13) Which federal statute, passed in 1914, constituted the federal government's first effort to criminalize opium and cocaine?

A) Combat Cocaine Epidemic Act.

B) The Controlled Substance Act.

C) The Uniform Controlled Substance Act.

D) The Harrison Narcotic Tax Act.

14) A drug or other substance which has a currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States is known as a Schedule ________ drug.

A) II.


C) V.

D) IV.

15) Which offense is NOT seen as a crime against decency and/or morality?

A) Prostitution.

B) Incest.

C) Sodomy.

D) Adultery.

16) Sexual intercourse between unmarried persons is known as:

A) Fornication.

B) Incest.

C) Adultery.

D) Sodomy.

17) This is sexual intercourse between a male and a female, when at least one of whom is married to someone else.

A) Incest

B) Adultery.

C) Fornication.

D) Sodomy.

18) This offense refers to sexual intercourse with certain relatives.

A) Bigamy.

B) Adultery.

C) Polygamy.

D) Incest.

19) The offense refers to the marriage between two persons when one is married to another person.

A) Adultery.

B) Incest.

C) Bigamy.

D) Polygamy.

20) The offense refers to one person being married simultaneously to several others.

A) Incest.

B) Bigamy.

C) Polygamy.

D) Adultery.

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