1) Which of the following NOT true regarding VBA? A) Microsoft

Question : 1) Which of the following NOT true regarding VBA? A) Microsoft : 2066110

1) Which of the following is NOT true regarding VBA?

A) Microsoft Office contains a powerful programming language called Visual Basic for Access or more commonly known as VBA.

B) The tools for using VBA are installed by default in most instances.

C) Many people incorrectly perceive that you need to be a "programmer" in order to use VBA.

D) VBA can allow for a wide variety of enhancements to any Microsoft Office application.

2) The code that is written in VBA is called a(n) ________ in VBA.

A) object-oriented program

B) javascript

C) procedure

D) event

3) Which of the following is NOT true regarding object-oriented programming?

A) VBA is a form of object-oriented programming.

B) Objects are combinations of data and code that are treated as a multi-level unit.

C) Object-oriented programming uses objects, such as a form in Access, to design applications.

D) The application can respond to events that occur in relation to the object.

4) Objects have ________ that are actions, such as SaveAs, that control the object's behavior.

A) actions

B) objects

C) methods

D) procedures

5) The ________ contains a list of the currently open Access Database objects that contain VBA procedures and a list of modules within the current database.

A) Project Explorer

B) Procedure window

C) module

D) Code window


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