1) Which of the following not a tax filing status

Question : 1) Which of the following not a tax filing status : 1981143

1) Which of the following is not a tax filing status option?

A) Single

B) Divorced

C) Married filing jointly

D) Head of household

2) To qualify for "head of household" you must

A) be single.

B) have at least one dependent in your household.

C) be a homeowner.

D) Both answers A and B are correct.

3) If you are a surviving spouse, you may continue to use the married filing jointly tax rates unless

A) you are divorced and your ex-spouse died in the last five years.

B) your spouse died in the last two years.

C) you have children you can claim as an exemption.

D) you pay more than half the cost of maintaining your residence.

4) If you are a married taxpayer, you may use the ________ filing status.

A) single

B) married filing jointly or married filing separately

C) head of household

D) Any of the above may be used.

5) Jerry is divorced and has two children that live with him. What filing status should Jerry claim on his tax return?

A) Single

B) Head of household

C) Married filing separately

D) Married filing jointly

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