1) Which of the following an assumption required by the

Question : 1) Which of the following an assumption required by the : 1403634


1) Which of the following is an assumption required by the Analysis of Proportions (ANOP)?

A) The variance of the groups is different.

B) The observations from each of the groups are assumed to be approximately normally distributed.

C) The shape of the distribution of the observations from the groups is different.

D) The number of observations in each group has to be large.

2) In an Analysis of Proportions (ANOP) with 6 groups, the sample size per group used to obtain the Nelson's h statistic should always be

A) 5.

B) 6.

C) 7.

D) infinity.

3) True or False: The Analysis of Proportion (ANOP) is more appropriate if you want to identify the group(s) that has(have) a higher or lower proportion than the overall average proportion while the chi-square test for the difference among more than two proportions is more appropriate when you just want to see if the proportions of all the different groups are the same.




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